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Created:Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Members: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 14:41 eastern (102 days ago)
Public: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 14:41 eastern
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Countries:available in USA
Details:YouTube TV Price Increase to $50/mo:
According to their blog post, the price of YouTube TV live television service is increasing to $50/mo for all subscribers.

Previously, customers paid $40/mo and are seeing a $10/mo price increase. Those who subscribed to YouTube TV at launch time were grandfathered in at $35/mo, and are seeing a $15/mo price increase. This has us recommending alternative live TV services.
  • Sling TV is $15/mo and $25/mo for 3 months, then $25/mo and $40/mo.
    • Cloud-based DVR adds $5/mo for 50 hours of recordings, bringing it to $45/mo with DVR after the intro price.
    • This is now the only streaming TV service cheaper than $40/mo.
  • DirecTV Now is $50/mo. Prepay 4 months up-front, and get a free Apple TV.
  • Hulu TV is $45/mo.
    • HBO included.
    • 200-Hour DVR included.
  • Playstation Vue for $45/mo. Or with regional sports networks for $50/mo, with multi-view on some devices.
    • Includes unlimited DVR for up to 500 programs.
YouTube TV advantages, even at $50/mo:
  • YouTube TV has one of the best could-based DVR for watching recorded shows.
  • Includes regional and national sports channels that other services charge extra for.
Or, choose SlingTV for cheaper service, DirecTV Now for HBO included, Hulu TV for good DVR and HBO, or Playstation Vue for good DVR and lots of channel options.

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